redball 5/1947, born in Hannover . Parents: Johann and Elisabeth (nee Riekenberg) Selke
redball 4/1953-3/1957, attended the elementary school Friesenschule Hannover
redball 1957-1966, high school student at Leibnizschule Hannover . Abitur in 2/1966
redball 4/1966-7/1969, physics student at Leibniz University Hannover . Vordiplom in 3/1968
redball 8/1969-9/1970, exchange student (WSF scholar) at Georgia Tech, Atlanta . Master of Science in Physics in 9/1970
redball 10/1970-8/1972, physics student at Leibniz University Hannover . Dipl.-Phys. in 8/1972
redball 1971-1972, auxiliary teacher (part-time) of physics at Gymnasium Burgwedel
redball 9/1972-2/1975, PhD candidate at Leibniz University Hannover . Dr. rer. nat. in 2/1975
redball 4/1975-3/1976, assistant at Leibniz University Hannover
redball 4/1976-3/1981, assistant at University of Saarbrücken . Habilitation in 6/1980
redball 9/1978-8/1979, postdoctoral DFG scholar at Cornell University and Boston University
redball 4/1981-3/1996, scientist (permanent position) at Research Center Jülich
redball 1982-1996, Privatdozent and apl. Prof. at University of Köln
redball 4/1985-3/1986, scientist (permanent contract) at IBM Research Laboratory Zürich (Rüschlikon)
redball 8/-9/1987, Gordon Godfrey fellow at University of New South Wales, Sydney
redball 4/1996-7/2012, University Professor at RWTH Aachen
redball 5/-9/2009 sabbatical visits at Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics and, as Gordon Godfrey professorial visitor, at University of New South Wales, Sydney