Research Team 'Condensed Matter Physics and Computing'

The research team was founded in April 1996, ending in July 2012 with the retirement of Walter Selke. We did (mainly, but not exclusively, computer assisted) research on many-body systems in Condensed Matter Physics and Statistical Physics, dealing with a wide range of interesting bulk and surface properties of crystals.

Head of the team:

Walter Selke Prof

FORMER members (with the following profession):

Georg Bannasch  Diploma student, 2007/8 (PhD candidate at MPI für Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden)
  • spin-flop and related structures in magnets
Maximilian Bisani Diploma student, 1998 (PhD candidate at RWTH Aachen, Informatik VI)
  • random walks and step motions
Alexei Brener Diploma student, 2009/10 (Systems analyst at Thinking Networks, Aachen)
  • Interfacial adsorption
Daniel Catrein Diploma student, 2000 (PhD candidate at RWTH Aachen, Stochastik)
  • ANNNI model in thin films
Thanh-Chung Dinh Wilhelm Macke scholar, 2009 (Diploma student in Linz)
  • Anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets
Sven Fischer Diploma student, 1998/9 (Software engineer at Deuta Werke, Bergisch-Gladbach)
  • subdiffusive step dynamics
Johannes Hager Postdoc, 1999-2001 (Postdoc at University of Maryland)
  • polymers and proteins
Martin Holtschneider  Diploma student, 2003/2004; PhD candidate, 2004/7 (Staff member at technologies gmbh)
  • anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets (classical and quantum)
Jan Klärs  Diploma student, 2005/6 (PhD candidate at University of Tübingen, quantum optics)
  • preroughening at crystal surfaces
Markus Klöckner Staatsexamenskandidat, 1999 (Studienreferendar in Krefeld)
  • computer simulations in high school (Leistungskurs)
Karsten Kühn Diploma student (Fraunhofer-ISE in Freiburg), 2002/3 (scientific assistant at ISE)
  • PEM fuel cells
Mukul S. Laad Postdoc, 2010-2011 (Visiting fellow at Inst. of Math. Sci., Tarami,India)
  • Pnictides, Mott transition
Reinhard Leidl Postdoc, 2002-2006 (Postdoc at Simon Fraser University, Canada)
  • surface criticality, anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets
Sven Lübeck Postdoc, 2006 (Studienreferendar in Esslingen)
  • nonequilibrium phase transitions, driven dissipative systems
Thorsten Müller Diploma student, 1997/8 (PhD candidate at FZ Jülich, Reaktorbau)
  • diffusion and stability of clusters on crystal surfaces
David Peters  PhD candidate, 2008-2012 (IT expert in Münster)
  • Heisenberg antiferromagnets; DMRG and quantum Monte Carlo
Michel Pleimling Postdoc, 1996-1999 (C1-Hochschulassistent at Universität Erlangen). Now: Professor at Virginia Tech
  • spatially modulated structures
  • critical phenomena at surfaces, edges, and corners
  • metamagnets
Andre Stebens Diploma student, 1997/8 (PhD candidate at University of Duisburg, physics of transport and traffic)
  • step fluctuations on Ag(110) surface
Ferenc Szalma (DFG)/DAAD (post)/doctoral fellow, 1997-2001 (Postdoc at Szeged University, Hungary)
  • dilute Ising models
  • wetting in Potts models
  • step dynamics

Selected other coauthors since 1998:

Bernd Büchner  Prof, IFW and TU Dresden
  • experiments: magnets with coupling of spin and charge
Enrico Carlon  Prof, Leuven
  • interfacial adsorption in Potts models
Ming-Chiang Chung  Postdoc, FU Berlin
  • density-matrix renormalization group
Cesur Ekiz Prof, Aydin (Turkey)
  • Ferrimagnets
Ferenc Igloi  Prof, Budapest (Hungary)
  • boundary effects in Potts and Ising models
Rüdiger Klingeler  Prof, University of Heidelberg
  • experiments: magnets with coupling of spin and charge
Peter Lajko  Prof, Kuwait University
  • surface criticality of dilute 2d magnet
Jaan Oitmaa  Emeritus Professor, U. of New South Wales
  • ferrimagnets
Ian McCulloch  Senior Lecturer, U. of Queensland
  • S=1 spin chains
Ingo Peschel Prof, FU Berlin
  • surfaces with topological defects
Valery Pokrovsky Prof, Landau Institute and Texas A&M; Humboldt awardee
  • free fermion approach in Ising models
Lev Shchur Scientist and Prof., Landau Institute
  • site diluted magnets
Stefan Wessel Prof., RWTH Aachen University
  • quantum Monte Carlo simulations

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